CAT II certified

Aircraft and jet management services

Once you have experienced the thrill of flying, when you are down to earth again, you will continue to look at the sky.

Leonardo da Vinci

Over the years, Sardinian Sky has developed and perfected its procedures to ensure that it can consistently satisfy the core needs of aircraft owners by delivering:

  • Unparalleled operational excellence,
  • An uncompromised focus on  safety,
  • Service and support that exceed customer expectations
  • A transparent structure of costs and structure.

Sardinian Sky is pleased and honored to be considered to manage your aircraft. We can guarantee a truly unique and rewarding relationship.

We understand that each owner is different and therefore we develop specific solutions to meet individual needs.

We directly employ our own internal resources to manage all the functions necessary to control and monitor the operation of your aircraft. This includes:

  • 24/7 dispatch,
  • Airworthiness and client service,
  • Dedicated training to the crew;
  • Management systems including  data monitoring,
  • Transparent financial reporting,
  • Quality assurance, security and safety.

Sardinian Sky can assist you in reducing some of the ownership costs through  generating charter revenue. Our dedicated sales department has a large number of direct customers who trust our knowledge and professionalism to provide them with the service they require.

Aircraft Management allows Sardinian Sky to market the aircraft during periods of non-use by the owner. Sardinian Sky is therefore committed to managing a very strict system of seeking the owner's approval.


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