CAT II certified

Sardinian Sky Service is CAT II certified

Sardinian Sky is delighted to announce that it has obtained in July 2018 authorization from the Italian Civil Aviation Authority ENAC to conduct Category II (CAT II) landings with our Citation fleet .

Approval for CAT II operations depends on the following elements in order to maintain the required level of safety:

  1.  Certified aircraft and flight crew;
  2.  Operator’s approval;
  3.  Airport with required ground equipment;

All of these elements must comply with the regulations established by the aviation authorities, for which all our pilots are qualified.

Thanks to this advantage, coupled with LVO authorizations Sardinian Sky can now fly its customers to their desired destination even in highly  reduced visibility conditions and in full safety.
Our objective is to provide Safe, Efficient, Transparent and Reliable service for the benefit of our customers.